Undecided Curse of Strahd

Dark Discoveries in the Death House

The party continues exploring the house, and on the third floor, the well-lit and cared-for house becomes dark and neglected, with cobwebs and dust everywhere. The party finds clues that suggest that the baby was stillborn, and eventually fight the ghost of the children’s nursemaid, who was impregnated by their father. That fight exposes a staircase to the attack and they find the children again.

Unfortunately, it is too late to save them, for they are only bones on the floor of their locked nursery. Their ghosts rise and deny meeting the party before. They explain that their parents locked them in the room, supposedly to protect them from the monster in the basement, and eventually apparently forgot about them. The two children starved to death in each others’ arms. Rose is able to point out a secret stairway leading to the basement on her dollhouse, a perfect model of the house. Bjornica gathers up the bones of the two children and packs them away, intending to inter them in hallowed ground and hopefully let them find peace.

The party finds the body of the nursemaid in a storage room full of sheet-draped furniture. She had been killed by multiple stab wounds and her body dumped in a trunk.

They find the secret staircase and head down to face the monster. Upon leaving the stairwell, they can hear a weird chanting. The direction is difficult to determine and the actual words are to muddled to understand. Icarius leads the way, finding a series of family tombs. The tomb of the children’s mother, Elisabeth, contains a coffin. When it is opened, a swarm of spiders pour out. They are eventually defeated by Majica burning her perfume like alchemist’s fire. At the same time, Willfalcon discovers a feast hall filled with humanoid bones and is attacked by a grick, an aberrant snake-like nightmare.

After defeating both threats, Bjornica finds the tombs of the two children. She lays their bones to rest in the small coffins, and the ghosts of first Thorn and then Rose fade from view. A warm sense of accomplishment fills the party, and everyone is certain that the children have finally found the peace they never knew in life.



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