Undecided Curse of Strahd

Forbidden Hunger Under the Death House

After laying the children to rest, the party returned to the feast chamber, ready to continue exploring the basement. A nagging worry started to grate on Bjornica, though. She had conducted or assisted with hundreds of funerals in her service to Pharasma, and she had always sensed that the souls of the deceased had reached her goddess’s Boneyard. While she was sure that she had done everything correctly in the ritual this time, though, and while the children’s ghosts had disappeared, she didn’t know where they went. She was fairly certain that they were not in the Boneyard, though. She even went back and checked the tombs, but could not find anything amiss.

She was distracted from her musing by Willfalcon rousing four ghouls. It was a bitter fight, with several of the party falling prey to the paralysis-inducing claws and fangs of the fiends. Eventually, Icarius managed to turn the tide and the beasts were defeated.

The party then found a shrine containing a statue of a tall man in a black cloak, with a crystal orb in one hand and the other on the head of a wolf. Bjornica took the orb, discovering that it was a tourmaline ioun stone, but that seemed to cause several shadows to attack the party. After defeating them, Roe found a concealed door with a stairway leading back up to the house’s ground floor.

Leaving the shrine, Icarius was attacked by the door into the next room, which turned out to be a mimic in disguise. He bull-rushed the mimic into the room, allowing the entire party to attack it, though again the party was left brutally wounded.

In the final room they investigated, they found the children’s parents, Gustav and Elisabeth, who had been cursed to return as ghasts. Another bloody fight resulted, and while the party was victorious, the repeated battles with the ravenous undead started to take its toll: most of the party had been bitten at least once by the beasts, and Majica seemed to be succumbing to the foul disease they spread.



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